Wednesday, October 26, 2005

8 bit what?

android. y'know, like a robot.

this little fella is MegaMan. you may remember him from the NES (aka pretendo), an 8-bit computer gaming console.
hence: 8bitandroid.

this blog isn't gonna be about how NES is so great, or how i want to become an android (not saying i wouldn't). i just thought it was a catchy name. In fact, i doubt i'll talk about MM anymore. but i might post more pictures. cause they're so tech-tro (techno-retro, i coined that just now). it will probably be more about what i do day-to-day, interesting things i read about online, etc. yes, a very novel use for a blog. (for a sample check out the "old blog" in the sidelinks).

so there. thats it.
im so deep.

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