Friday, October 28, 2005

first shareware purchase

i blame it on the whole employment thing, but i've just gone and paid actual money for software. i bought the full version of:
Hog Bay Notebook

it's an outliner, and a pretty darn good one (albeit with a horrible name (which they are changing to "Mori" which is Japanese for "Forest" .. much better) )

within 10 minutes i had gotten to the shareware limit, and i decided that i should step up and actually get it, as it is a real-life "grown-up" piece of software. i certainly wouldn't be caught paying for a game or something, would i? (doh).

so ya, i'm trying to get more organized. ya, that's where this all started. i figure, if i'm gonna keep up with 20 different projects at work, i might as well have all my notes in one place. HBN seems like its gonna help do the trick.

other software i've seriouly considered purchasing lately:
NetNewsWire (not so much anymore. Lite works well enough for me)
Aperture (:sigh: ok, not really)

i'm also on edge to buy (well, its a book, but it comes in PDF, so thats different):
Agile Web Development with Rails
(learning rails is even in my HBN todo list)

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