Tuesday, October 25, 2005

odeo 0.2

my odeo account was upgraded last night. i feel special.

so andria and i tried out the whole make-a-podcast-for-someone-and-email-them-instead-of-
publish-it-for-the-world-that-way-it's-private-but-is-it-still-a-podcast deal
... and now im publishing the link on my blog, making it public, blowing the whole privacy thing. oh well. perhaps they will have some kind of invitation deals worked soon.

but at least its not a "channel" .. or something.

but checkitoutthough:
Odeo: Audio Note for Gabby and Maddy

i dig it. its not that useful in the fact that nobody is gonna use it to get real work done, but it *is* useful in the same way eVite is.

i say "thumbs up"

(more reading on the topic)

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