Saturday, October 29, 2005

Steve's Plane Notes

- sit near the front, so you can get out quickly
- bring earplugs (dangit)
- have something to do (book/ipod/laptop) (don't leave in bag you had to check in)

Best Parts:
- a virgin bloody mary. good stuff.
- takeoff
- that part when you go from flat flying to decending

- Announcement volume. Mild heartattack every 20 minutes.
- The opening speech.
- Attempted jokes not-so-subtly buried in opening speech.
- TSA (don't get me started on the shoe thing)
- No electronics rule

About that last one: I actually had an attendant once make me turn off my laptop when I had it shut in the pouch in front of me. She saw the "heartbeat" light. I tried to explain "its asleep," but apparently she's never used a computer in her life. I wasn't about to explain the negligable amount of magnetic flux going on when there is just enough power running to keep the RAM in line. You Must Obey.


mcfizzy said...

don't you know ANYthing about the tensile strength of steel?

steve said...

i think that was trissy attempting to sound like john.