Thursday, November 03, 2005


Every morning, I leave the house at 6:30am. I drive to the shuttle stop, and if there isn't much traffic, I'm early enough to make a stop at the bagel shop (strawberry bagel with chocolate milk, mmm) or Peets (Chai Latte, anyone?)

The ride in takes anywhere from 1 hour to 1.5 hours. During which, I've been known to:
- Sleep
- Watch a NetFlix
- Listen to Audible ("Atlas Shrugged" is lasting a looong time)
- Email (we have wireless internet, thanks to JunxionBox)
- Dork around, reading "news" off my aggregator (NNW or GR)
- Work on a personal project (reminder: start work on Rails again)
- Do Real Work (especially when on-call)
- Plan (nod to HBN agan)

It's really a pretty good system. I get in before just about anybody else in the office. At which point I am often ready to get right in my game, without the standard "sit around, check email, wake up" hour most people go through every morning.

The best part is that I have an ending time. 5:00pm sharp, every day. If I'm sorta working on this project, sorry, gotta go home. I like to think it's helping my home life. Of course, if i *have* to stick around for some important deadline, there is a later shuttle (7:30pm).

Normally I get home about 6:30pm, making a 12-hour day (3 of which are on the road), every day. I can take it.

So, there ya go. In case you were wondering.


Sritty McSchmear said...

you always were bagel boy. a half eaten bagel in the hand from sun up to sun down. Sometimes we'd pry it out of your fingers after you went to sleep. But strawberry cream cheese? Do you gotta?

Dr Fever said...

Seriously, I almost lost a fingertip cutting open a precious bagel for little Steve. That and the big cube of butter on top of a muffin. The things I remember...