Friday, November 18, 2005


How awesome is this.

Be sure to read the whole article. Basically, colored bubbles are real. They did it. It's done (a la seedless watermelons).

What's even more interesting is the idea that these might not be just for kids. Think orange and black bubbles coming out of Halloween cauldrons on every doorstep. Think NFL team-colored bubbles filling stadiums. Shoot, think primary-colored bubbles at every Google event ever again (check out the Labs logo).

Even more interesting is the application of the dye beyond bubbles. The dye is essentially temporary color. Honest to goodness temporary. Not washable, but "just goes away." Temporary paint for your walls, anyone?

They say its never been done before. That's awesome. But I'm just wondering how Zap-it worked. Am I the only one that had a Zap-It?

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