Tuesday, December 06, 2005

odeo shifts

everyone's favorite new app/service/site, Odeo, has undergone a minor (yet significant) change. they're changing from the site where you make and list podcasts to the site where you create "casual content" audio.

be sure to check out the blog post about the changes and what you can do with the site.

the point is, it's fun to make little recordings and send them to people. you don't have to post them to the world and have a weekly radio show and get popular. just talk to someone. you're busy, they're busy. this way everyone can catch up when they're good and ready.

record something during the holidays, send it out to your friends. haven't talked to someone in a while, only emailed? now you can use voice without having to make sure they're home or worry about interrupting them with a cell phone call.

send a message to your niece. maybe she'll even send one back to you. it's a lot easier (and funner) than sending cassette tapes in the mail. who ever did that?

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